Photography Tuition – No more ‘auto’ settings!

Would you like to make more of your photography? Or take your camera off ‘auto’ and be a little more creative?

I’m pleased to now offer one on one photography tuition to those looking to make more of their camera, or who are ready to make the step up to the next level with their photography.

Tuition is offered based on a mixture of what you would like to learn, mixed in with a little direction on set challenges to help you think through the process of what you would like to achieve.

Basic lessons cover elements of image construction, correctly exposing the camera on manual control, and learning how to to override the auto settings to achieve your own creative vision.

Additionally I can offer lessons on learning how to look for light, controlling your subject to get your desired results, archival and post processing of images.

I’d also be happy to guide you through some of my favourite portfolio shots, how I shot it, and how you can aim for the same.

Lessons start from £95 for a 2hr base lesson, or £275 for a full day six hour lesson.

if you’d like to know more, or to enquire about availability, send me an e-mail here.