Wedding Albums – What should we choose?


Wedding albums are much like weddings –  rarely are two the same nowadays, and what one couple loves will likely not always be to someone else’s taste!

With that in mind I offer a range of wedding albums, designed to help you get an album that you love and that will best complement your images.

I currently offer a range of 4 albums with my packages, all of which are customisable to some extent.  I’m also happy to source a different product should you have seen something elsewhere that you would like instead.

I’ve outlined some of the core information on the albums I offer, and links to where you should be able to find the PDFs with set information on the different albums. You can also send me an e-mail if you need more information.


What’s Included in our package?

I offer an album entitlement with most of my wedding packages, in addition to your USB of images and online galleries. This allows you to pick which album you would like, and which images you would like to have in it. You can also customise your album with extra images, or extra pages. Package prices have changed recently but you should find a guide to your album allowance below.

For packages booked pre October 2015

£1,600 package a 20 page Mini Eros, A 20 page Combi Book or a 30 page Layflat Infinity
£1,800 package a 30 page Mini Eros, A 30 page Combi Book or a 40 page Layflat Infinity
£2,000 package a 40 page Mini Eros, A 40 page Combi Book or a 40 page Layflat Infinity (additionally you also have 2 x parents vouchers with this package)

What is the difference between the different albums?

The Mini Eros album is handmade in the UK, and features a range of overlays which frame the prints in the album. It comes in a range of 20, 30 or 40 pages. Each page has an overlay with a variety of different apertures, some with space for one image, and some with space for 2, 3 or 4 on a page. The album page size is approx 10 by 8 inches, with a maximum print size of 8 by 6 inches.

The Mini Eros is available in black or white, and comes with a faux leather cover.

wedding albums inverness

The Mini Eros Wedding Album


  •  The Hera

The Hera is the big sister to the Mini Eros, and like the Mini Eros it uses a range of mounts to frame images into the page. The biggest difference with the Hera is the size of the album, with a page size of approximately 14 by 11 inches and a maximum print size of 12 by 8 inches. If your budget will stretch to it, I’d highly recommend it as it’s a beautiful product!

the hera albu inverness wedding albums

The Hera wedding album


The Combi Book is made by the same craftsmen as the Mini Eros and Hera, but rather than utilising mounts to keep the images on the page, prints are applied directly to the album page, making the most of the images.

The Combi Book comes in two sizes, (8 by 6 and 12 by 8 inches) and your choice of a 20, 30 or 40 pages. (The Combi Book option included in package is for a 12 by 8 version of the book.


Combi Book wedding album inverness

The Combi Book


The Layflat is a press printed book with a unique spine system that allows for images to be spread across two pages with virtually no loss of image on the centre of the page.

With a 12 by 12 inch page size that folds out to a 24 by 12 inch size, the Layflat is a great product when you want to make the most of your key images.

Layflat Coffee Table Book

Layflat Coffee Table Book


The Memento is a great additional product to accompany your album, or great as a basic standalone product in its own right. As a digitally press printed book it allows space to have contact sheets of all of your images from the day in addition to a selection of some of your favourite images as larger prints. Due to its size  (A4) it’s also a great product to pop into a handbag and take with you to share with friends and family.

The Memento also makes a great gift for family or bridal party members, with costs from £95 or £75 when ordering multiple copies.

The Memento Book

The Memento Book




How many images can we have in our album?

Each product contains a different number of images, but most are cutomisable.

With the Mini Eros, Hera and Combi Books you have a set number of images which corresponds with the number of pages in your product, so a 20 page would have 20 images and so on.

Additional images can be added at a cost of £5 per extra image, or 10 extra pages can be added at a cost of £95, with 10 additional images.

You can have an unlimited number of images in a Layflat album, presuming there is enough space for the design to hold it.

Can we add an album or extra albums to our package?

Absolutely! Albums can be ordered as standalone products should you wish to add one into your package, or additional albums can be ordered for yourself, friends and family.

Costs of albums vary depending on up to date info from suppliers, but as a guide – current album costs are as below.

30 page Mini Eros – £295

40 page Mini Eros – £395

20 page 12 by 8 inch Combi Book £250

30 page 12 by 8 inch Combi Book £295

40 page 12 by 8 inch Combi Book £395

40 page 12 by 12 inch Layflat: £295

60 page 12 by 12 inch Layflat: £395

The Hera: POA