Want to make more of your images?

As a small business word of mouth referrals are of great importance to me and I’m always keen to make sure I can find ways of both keeping me working and also saying thankyou to you for your support.

As part of that I’m now happy to provide a selection of referral cards to past and upcoming clients which at business card size are hopefully a perfect size for you to carry with you and share with family and friends.

The cards entitle anyone who makes a wedding enquiry to a £100 discount off their booking, and when they mention your name as the source of their enquiry, you’ll receive a £100 credit towards my range of wall art, albums or printed products!

Likewise if you know of anyone looking for a portrait photographer, I’ll be delighted to advise on my style of candid photography, again when they book and mention your name, they’ll receive a £25 discount and you’ll receive a £25 credit.

My portfolio also isn’t limited to my wedding and portrait work, so I’d always be glad to hear of any other projects you may have in mind.



  • When a successful referral is made, only one name can be given as the source of the enquiry, so make sure it’s your name they give!
  • You can of course share it with as many friends and family members as you wish, and there is no restriction on the amount of total credit you can earn!
  • The £100 discount applies to all wedding packages aside from my base package.
  • The enquiry received has to be new to me, as in someone who hasn’t already enquired.
  • Need more cards? Just let me know and I’ll be happy to send some your way!

Need more info, or have any questions?

Just let me know.