Working with an Assistant Photographer

Why You Should Consider It

As much as I try to cover everything I can on a wedding day, there are some weddings especially where a second pair of hands if of real benefit.  A second photographer who understands how I work and has experience of my style can really increase the number of images from all parts of the day that are then provided to you post-wedding.

At certain stages of the day, the second shooter will be photographing alongside me, whereas at other points I’ll ask them to cover things that I’m not able to.  For example, while I’m undertaking the group shots, a second photographer will be able to capture candid coverage of your drinks reception, thus covering more of the action of the day! They can also be of great benefit to help cover a second angle on certain moments such as the ceremony.

When working with a second photographer, I always try to give them a brief based on what you’ve told me will be happening on your wedding day, who’s coming and what they can expect.  I realise that you might have a lot of pictures from your wedding guests, but images shot by a trained second shooter to a brief will be of a defined quality that matches the style that you’ve asked me to provide you with.


Who do I use as my second shooters?

I have 3 main criteria for recruiting assistant photographers to work alongside me and these are:

1. They can shoot good photographs.
2. They have quality kit, capable of the job.
3. They have a friendly personality.


I currently have a selection of second photographers that I work alongside, I’ll only ever use somebody who’s quality I can be certain of, and who has the right personality that you are going to want to be with you at your wedding!


What does it cost?

Depending on who is available, the typical costs for 2015 weddings are approximately £400 – £500.  Each second shooter supplies me with their files post-wedding for me to edit alongside my own, to then provide to you as part of your package.

If you want to find out more about an available second photographer for your wedding then get in touch and I’d be happy to help.


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